031 Cloe Pointe Shoe

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Merlet 031 Cloe Pointe Shoe

The Cloe Pointe Shoe was developed entirely in France and is made in Merlet's workshop in Limoges France. The Cloe is a pointe shoe that offers comfort and aesthetics, thanks to it's low and flexible vamp. Its full outer sole made from cryptonite (an innovative material) allows for very good flexion, outstanding arch support, and excellent durability through time. It also provides an easier transition from demi-point to pointe. The Cloe's inside cotton lining is very soft and identifiable (blue). Cloe also has an inside microfiber sole that absorbs perspiration, which helps maintain the life of your shoes.

- Made in France
- Low and flexible vamp
- Full outer sole
- Medium shank support

Please schedule a fitting in our store to determine which style and size is right for you!

Ribbon and elastic sold separately.