0510/4N Pointe Shoe Ribbon with Elastic Inset

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Nikolay 0510/4N Pointe Shoe Ribbon with Elastic Inset

Elevate your pointe shoe experience with the Nikolay Pointe Shoe Ribbon with Elastic Inset! This beautiful ballet pink ribbon offers a perfect match for Nikolay Grishko pointe shoes, while the integrated elastic insert prioritizes both comfort and performance.

This ribbon boasts a classic satin look with a light, elegant sheen that beautifully complements Nikolay Grishko pointe shoes. Strategic elastic insertion provides exceptional comfort and support for your Achilles tendon, especially when your shoes are tied snugly en pointe. This innovative design helps to prevent chafing and keeps your tendons healthy, allowing you to focus on your performance without discomfort. Nikolay takes pride in meticulous craftsmanship. The ribbon and elastic are seamlessly integrated, featuring the same width and color for a clean and professional look. 

Order the Nikolay Pointe Shoe Ribbon with Elastic Inset today and experience the perfect blend of comfort, support, and timeless style for your pointe shoes!

- Polyamide/Elastane
- Matches Nikolay pointe shoes perfectly
- Great for Achilles tendon health
- Super clean lines with matching ribbon/elastic width and color
- Enough for one pair of pointe shoes
- Classic satin pointe shoe ribbon with light sheen, with elastic insets sewn in

Available in: Ballet Pink