1007N Mini Silicon Oval Toe Pads

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Nikolay 1007N Mini Silicon Oval Toe Pads

Tiny and unobtrusive, Nikolay mini toe pads sit accurately inside the pointe shoe and give your toes more comfort while you dance. They are made of soft, pliable, yet resilient hypoallergenic medical-grade silicon. This improved formula helps diminish pain and reduce shock impact while rehearsing and performing. (Please remember that the first step in pain reduction and foot protection is to have a properly fitted shoe. Take your pads to your fitting if you plan to use them.)

- Toe pads may be cut to size with scissors if necessary
- Medical-grade silicon
- Box tip pointe shoe padding
- Periodically wash the pads in soapy warm water, dry gently, and powder them with talc


Small (1.06" x 0.63") fits Nikolay shoe sizes 0.5-3.5
Medium (1.3" x 0.75")fits Nikolay shoe sizes 3.5-6.5
Large (1.44" x 0.75") fits Nikolay shoe sizes 6.5-8