Great Pretenders

118 Ribbon Tiara

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Great Pretenders 118 Ribbon Tiara

Being a princess can be a tough job so why make it harder for your little one with a plastic tiara? Crafted with rigid yet moldable wiring, this tiara can easily be reshaped to fit any little Princess's head. Part of our Ribbon Tiara collection of three, each tiara features a ribbon-wrapped foam-based decorated with gems and rosettes. Ribbons delicately match and can be left to dangle, or tied into a bow. Silver beads glimmer in the light, leaving this tiara truly fit for an active Princess!

- Comfy & Secure: Forget plastic headaches! This tiara's moldable yet sturdy wiring lets you adjust it for a perfect, comfortable fit.
- Active-Ready: From royal balls to garden frolics, this tiara stays put! Sparkling silver beads and delicate ribbons add a touch of elegance that won't weigh her down.
- Endless Customization: Choose from light pink, dark pink, or lilac to match her mood and outfit. Tie the ribbons in a bow or let them dangle for a personalized touch.
- Imagination Sparkler: Every gem and rosette tells a story, inspiring hours of creative play and dress-up fun.

Available in: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Lilac