13673 Unisex Peasant Top

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Eurotard 13673 Unisex Humble Servant Loose Fit Liturgical Peasant Top

Elevate your praise and liturgical dance ensemble with Eurotard's captivating Loose-Fitting Peasant Top. Designed for both women and men, this versatile top offers a combination of comfort, style, and elegance. Its loose-fitting silhouette, gathered neckline and elasticized wrist cuffs create a graceful draped appearance, making it an ideal choice for worship, dance performances, or even costuming in classical ballets.

Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric, this peasant top offers a soft and comfortable feel while ensuring long-lasting performance. The elasticized wrist cuffs create a unique visual element, draping the sleeves gracefully and adding an extra layer of elegance to your dance or worship ensemble. Whether you're performing on stage or participating in a religious ceremony, this peasant top enhances your presence and complements your artistic expression.

Pair this versatile top with circle skirts or palazzo pants to create a complete and polished look. The combination of the loose-fitting silhouette and flowing fabrics will create a stunning visual impact, capturing attention and evoking a sense of grace and spirituality. 

- Polyester fabric ensures durability, flexibility, and easy care.
- The loose-fitting design provides freedom of movement and a relaxed, flowing silhouette.
- The gathered neckline adds a touch of femininity and visual interest to the top, enhancing its overall appeal.
- Elasticized wrist cuffs create a draped effect, adding an elegant and refined element to the sleeves.
- Pair this peasant top with circle skirts or palazzo pants to create a complete and sophisticated look for praise or liturgical dance.
- Suitable for boys and men in classical ballets, offering a versatile costuming option.

Available in: Black, White