33940 Men's Performance Microfiber Convertible Tights

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Eurotard 33940 Men's Performance Microfiber Convertible Tights

Fuel your movement with superior comfort and support in the Eurotard Men's Performance Microfiber Convertible Tights. Opaque, compressive, and durable, these microfiber tights from Eurotard are designed with performance in mind. Features include a covered, elastic waistband, comfortable graduated compression, and a convertible foot with a flat, reinforced seam around the opening. EuroSkins tights hold shape, elasticity, and color, even after hours of wear and repeated washings.

- Durable Microfiber construction withstands intense training and frequent washing, retaining shape and color
- Graduated compression promotes blood flow, reduces muscle fatigue, and enhances performance
- Exceptional opaque design
- Convertible Foot allows you to seamlessly switch between footed and footless styles for versatility
- Covered waistband sits comfortably against your skin, preventing chafing
- Move freely with a flexible design that allows for maximum range of motion
- Opaque fabric ensures coverage and eliminates wardrobe worries
- Soft, moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry
- Perfect for ballet, modern dance, jazz, contemporary dance rehearsals and performances

Available in: Black