50235 Lilac Diamond Sparkle Cape

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Great Pretenders 50235 Lilac Diamond Sparkle Cape

Shimmer and shine with the enchanting Great Pretenders Lilac Diamond Sparkle Cape!

This sparkle cape shines bright like a diamond. Lush velour is printed with glittering diamond flecks and is trimmed with metallic lace for even more shine. The hoods are sized to drape nicely, and the neck fastens with a Velcro closure. Of course, this cape like all our costumes, is machine washable, and made in Canada. Now made with foil print sparkle, for no glitter shedding! Dazzle Like a Gem in the Great Pretenders Lilac Diamond Sparkle Cape!

- Sparkling lilac velour printed with dazzling foil diamonds that catch the light beautifully
- Elegant metallic lace trim adds a touch of sophistication and extra shimmer
- A comfy hood and secure closure ensure a snug fit for magical adventures
- Machine washable for easy care after playtime battles with dragons or saving the day
- Made in Canada with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship
- Transform into a radiant princess, ready to rule your magical kingdom or sparkle like a superhero, saving the day with dazzling style
- Embark on enchanting fairy adventures, leaving a trail of shimmering stardust (imaginary of course, no glitter shedding here!)
- Fuel endless hours of creative play and pretend fun
- Perfect for birthday gifts, dress-up fun, Halloween costumes, imaginative play

Available in: Lilac Sparkle (Foil sparkles which means no glitter shedding!)

Sizing Information:

One Size Fits Most! Technically a size 5-6, this cape is adjustable and will fit most kids. This cape is 30"-34" long.