F526 1.75 Inch Hair Pins for Buns (300 Pack)

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Fromm F526 1.75 Inch Hair Pins for Buns (300 Pack)

Tame your mane and secure your perfect bun, chignon, or updo effortlessly with the Fromm F526 Hair Pins! This 300-pack of stylish and functional hair pins offers everything you need for flawless hairstyles that last. These sturdy crimped, u-shaped hair pins are ideal for securing ballet buns, offering secure hold for every pirouette. True-to-life colors and matte finish hide perfectly in hair.

- U-shaped pin with crimped design secures hair
- Universal 1.75" size is great for all hair types and lengths
- Matte finish blends seamlessly with your hair color, creating a natural and polished look
- Wide bun pin design ideal for natural hairstyles and providing extra hold
- Coated ball tips and smooth design are gentle on your hair and scalp, preventing snags, "hairaches", and discomfort
- Create beautiful buns, chignons, twists, and braids with ease
- All-day hold for lasting security during dance performances, workouts, or busy days
- Perfect for dancers, ballerinas, gymnasts, athletes, and everyday use

Available in: Blonde, Brown