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P12 Ballroom Heel Protector

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Very Fine Shoes P12 Ballroom Heel Protector

Save your precious high heels and prevent heel tips from marking wood floors with Very Fine's Clear Plastic Ballroom Heel Protectors!

Three Reasons to Wear Heel Protectors:

Protect Dance Shoes: Heel protectors do just what the name says - protect the heel tips of your dance shoes. Certain dance styles feature heel turns that take a toll on the back and tip of the heel of your dance shoes. Plastic covers increase the heel and shoe lifespan, protecting the heel tips.

Increase Friction and Help Performance: Covering the heel tip increases friction and gives greater stability to the dancer, increasing their grip on the floor. They are particularly helpful in Latin dances, where the dancer’s foot moves quickly with lots of direction changes. Precision in how your foot interacts with the floor is essential for good technique and protection from injury. 

Protect the Wooden Floor: Plastic heel protectors look after the dance floor and the dancer’s shoes. Depending on where you train and compete, they may be a prerequisite of the venue so that the floor isn’t damaged.

- Protects the heel tip of your ballroom shoe
- Offers a slightly wider platform increasing your stability and friction
- Protects hardwood floors from marks and dings
- Sold as a pair
- Clear plastic 
- Model P12 fits Very Fine Classic series 2.5" heel & 3" heel (Model P12 will be replacing both Model P1 & P2).

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