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RC40 Iridescence Pointe Shoe - Soft Shank

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R Class RC40 Iridescence Pointe Shoe - Soft Shank

Emerge from the wings and illuminate the stage with the R-Class RC40 Iridescence Pointe Shoe, a captivating blend of elegance, innovation, and sustainable luxury. Featuring a pleat-less box and a unique, ultra-sleek design, the RC40 Iridescence has a broad slightly tapered box, with a wider metatarsal, and more open throat. The RC40 Iridescence is made on a new and improved version of the Rubin Radiance last!

The RC40 Iridescence pointe shoe is a part of the RC Signature Collection, featuring hand-made pointe shoes with pleatless technology and durable stitched soles. Pleatless pointe shoes have a lower crown which allows for shallow foot height and/or lifting higher in the shoe.

- Unique ultra-sleek pleatless design
- Innovative durable sole construction: Inner and outer soles are machine stitched together to improve strength and increase longevity.
- Eco-conscious elegance: The outer sole is made of natural regenerated leather, created with the recovered waste of leathermaking resulting in an eco-friendly leatherboard while preventing environmental damage.
- Natural materials and glue: Cotton, Rayon, Flax, Flour & Starch (Paste), and Eco-friendly Leatherboard

- Double-layered satin 

Platform: Medium
Crown: Medium
Arch: Medium
Heel: Narrowed
Box: Slightly tapered
Vamp: V2 U-cut with elasticized drawstring

Available in: Pink

Please schedule a fitting in our store to determine which style and size are right for you!

Ribbon and elastic are sold separately.


R-Class has been manufacturing pointe shoes since 1991, both under the R-Class name as well as other well-known brands throughout the world. 

"R-Class pointe shoes give me the infinite ability to execute all my artistic dreams. Good pointe shoes are like real friends. I feel good, secure, and comfortable in them. They always come to the rescue in the most difficult moments at the right time. I can rely on them and be sure that they won't fail me." - Alexandra Timofeeva (Prima Ballerina, Moscow)