S0172L Eurostretch Pointe Shoe

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Bloch S0172L Eurostretch Stretch Pointe Shoe

The Eurostretch is one of Bloch's new and exciting range of pointe shoes featuring groundbreaking innovation in a category virtually unchanged in over 120 years. With the latest stretch materials, these features combine to allow ultimate articulation of the foot and unparallelled connection between foot and shoe. One seamless, flawless line is now a reality.

- Patented European Balance-type last combines the ultimate in support and function.
- Unique Stretch satin adheres to the foot like a second skin
- Split sole design allows maximum stretch at the arch as the dancer moves from flat to pointe; never compromising the streamlined fit against the foot
- A firmer pasting method called "A Paste" has been incorporated to withstand conditions of heat and humidity
- The high and wide platform encourages easy weight distribution while en pointe
- Low profile with elastic drawcord
- Leather grip at heel to ensure non-slip off fit
- Cotton insert designed for easy ribbon and elastic stitching


Please schedule a fitting in our store to determine which style and size are right for you!

Ribbons and elastic sold separately