S0180L Heritage Pointe Shoe

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Bloch S0180L Heritage Pointe Shoe

Embrace the timeless elegance of the Bloch S0180L Heritage Pointe Shoe, a Russian-inspired masterpiece, this exquisite shoe features a low V-shaped vamp that visually elongates the foot, creating a lovely aesthetic line. The carefully crafted shank is both flexible and supportive, enabling seamless transitions between demi-pointe and en-pointe while ensuring unwavering stability. The shank is designed to be flexible, supportive en pointe, and durable, which makes it an ideal shoe for both rehearsal and performance

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Heritage Pointe Shoe boasts an improved heel cup design that incorporates a heel counter, providing a secure fit and enhancing the shoe's structural integrity. Removable internal gel cushions offer additional comfort and support, catering to individual preferences. Flat pleating under the box ensures a smooth surface and exceptional stability when on flat. Noise reduction technology under the pleats, allows you to move with grace and precision without disturbing the serene ambiance of the stage. The Heritage Pointe Shoe is completed with a cotton drawstring for a snug fit and a heel cushion for shock absorption.

- Medium strength, gently curved shank promotes foot articulation and can help the dancer achieve demi-pointe
- Flat pleating under the box creates a smooth surface and greater stability when running, walking or standing flat
- Improved heel cup design
- Removable internal gel cushions for the toe box for added comfort if the dancer chooses
- Cotton drawstring 
- A paste
- Noise reduction under the pleats
- Heel cushion

Available in: Pink

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