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The Dancer's Answer Annual Membership

At Linden's, we believe that the most valuable thing that anyone possesses is time and it shouldn’t be wasted searching for pointe shoes. That’s why we created The Dancer’s Answer!

Picture this: A super-dedicated dance mom who's always making sure her dancer has everything they need. But, oh boy, does she hit a snag with pointe shoe suppliers - they keep telling her those precious shoes are back ordered for a whopping 8 weeks! 
So, what does she do? She becomes a detective extraordinaire, spending hours on the phone and diving into the depths of the internet. But, alas, no one seems to have those elusive pointe shoes in stock.
And then, just when panic's setting in, she stumbles upon 'The Dancer's Answer' - a haven dedicated to making dancers' lives easier.
It's like finding a treasure chest! Now, instead of hours of frantic searching, she can order pointe shoes whenever she needs them. Her dancer's pointe shoes arrive at the doorstep in less than a week!
She's not just saving time; she's freeing herself up for all the other mom superhero stuff she does (because, let's face it, a mom's time is pure gold). So, here's to more dancing and less shoe-hunting - thanks to 'The Dancer's Answer'!"

When you join The Dancer’s Answer you get our Pointe Shoe Pledge - We guarantee we’ll have your pointe shoes in stock or your next pair is free!

But wait! There's more!

On top of the Pointe Shoe Pledge you will also receive oodles of other exciting perks and discounts on all of your favorite dancewear items and brands!

Including (but not limited to):

- Discounts on every clothing and accessory purchase
- Exclusive first access to new products and preorders on limited fashion items
- Buy 2 Get 1 Free Tights
- Monthly Insider Deals and Discounts!
- FREE Priority Shipping on pointe shoes every order!
- A special discount on any leotard of your choice during your birthday month

With all of these amazing rewards, what’s the wait? Join The Dancer’s Answer today and dance through pointe shoe backorders with confidence!