D6775 Clear Elastic Hair Bands (250 Pack)

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Diane D6775 Clear Elastic Hair Bands (250 Pack)

Embrace pain-free styling and secure braids and ponytails with the Diane Clear Elastic Hair Bands! This value-packed bundle of 250 offers endless possibilities for creating adorable hairstyles without damaging your delicate strands.

- Super soft and stretchy, these bands gently secure hair without pulling or snagging, protecting against breakage and damage
- Clear plastic design blends seamlessly with any hair color for a discreet and polished look
- Ideal for fine hair and braids these hair ties provide a comfortable hold without causing tightness or discomfort
- Perfect for all styling needs, from intricate braids to playful ponytails, these bands adapt to your creativity
- Gentle on sensitive scalps
- Stock up and save! With 250 bands, you'll have plenty for everyday use and creative styles
- Great for all ages, but perfect for kids, everyone can enjoy gentle yet secure hairstyles

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